April Danann



Happy Mass Marketing Day!! 


Today is a day to celebrate love - or is it....of course for those of us who love to cook, eat and all things to do with food, we are very used to saying 'I love you' with the meals we create. And nothing as far as I am concerned says 'love' like a healthy meal.

However, there is a major problem with such mass marketing and advertising these days (for us)...people get mixed messages regarding food. I know, because I used to be where so many still are and I struggled right along with the rest of society.


For example, at one time I really would have believed I just loved and needed chocolate. It tasted so good! But, as many of you might have already figured out, it only tasted good for such as short time. Once it was in my stomach I started feeling awful.

The awful feelings did not stop there either - the next morning after eating any quantity of this drug I felt tired, sluggish, heavy and dull. And that was only the beginning of the physical sensations...My energy field looked equally flat and my spirit was on the floor.

So much for love.

Once I stopped the sugar and any type of food that drugged me in any way - things really started to come alive for me. Inside and out. Besides - there is another darker side to chocolate and these so called treats...

There seems to be a direct correlation between foods traditionally grown and harvested using child and slave labour -- to present day addictions and behaviours. Sugar, coffee, tobacco -- all highly addictive drugs and quite a sad history associated with each of them. 

But, besides all of that, I have long thought in my mind - if you can't feed it to a dog, why would we bother to eat it? Perhaps that's enough said on the subject!! LOL

Whatever you are eating - hope it's healthy and you are having a lovely day,


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.