April Danann



Death by Misinformation 


These days there has been a lot on my mind and I have found it particularly difficult to write - not because I don't have anything to say (smile). But -- I am not sure how to say all that is going through my mind in a nice way.

So, I often just hold things deep inside and eventually they boil up to the top and spill over....today was one of those days and of course it had to do with food. Go figure! 

I see so many people really trying to get their diets right, only to fall back when sugar, alcohol or some other drug sneaks back into the scene and wreaks havoc with their healing guts. How might this happen and why are we all so susceptible to even tiny amounts of these poisons?

Or are we addicted to the deception....

One thing that has been on my mind for years now - it often seems as if it is seared into my brain somehow (and I carry around these images) -- is what do they do with the food to make us all so addicted to it?

Of course, as is slowly coming to light right now in small bite sized pieces (sarcasm intended) is how duped everyone has been with beef burgers, ready made meals and the horse meat issue. However, and this is a stretch for sure....

Do you think it stops there and this is the end of the deception?? Or might there be ingredients you would not expect or believe to be in your corn flakes, that glass of clean refreshing milk (we are all supposed to be drinking) and how about your water delivered on tap to your door...

I am so not kidding. And none of this is even remotely funny. 

All of this denaturation of food (this is far more serious then anyone realizes) by manufacturing processes, clever marketing, deception, controlled (and some not so controlled) substances and any manner of misinformation -- is killing us. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.