April Danann



Interference Energy - It's Real!


How much time in our days is taken up by the completely pointless, time consuming and energy draining pastimes of listening, watching, reading (to anyone other then ourselves) and otherwise engaged in totally distracting activities? And who on earth dictates this stuff....

I have often wondered if a lot of these time wasting activities are attracted to us for a specific reason...such as to take away our focus from the work at hand. Of course, this would then beg the question, what is the work we should be doing?


The other question is - could this be part of a larger pattern here? 

Case in point - a couple of years ago I had a deadline of 1 week to finish a really important research paper. Ordinarily, this would not be an enourmous time consuming drain of my resources because I enjoy doing this type of thing.

Usually I organize my days around each section, get started (I've done more then my share!) and dig into the topic as I develop what I need to say. This is something I am most often fairly good at and if the topic is interesting (or about food) I also get a lot out of it myself.

This particular week I was organised, everyone and everything was in place and I jumped into the work as it needed to be done. Then for some strange reason - my phone rang, my email inbox filled up and in most respects - all hell broke loose.

Does this sound familiar to you? Just when you decide to focus, get the work done and more forward with your project - it's as if something (some force) is out there working against all you are attempting to accomplish. 

I can think of so many times when I decide to do something (anything) and nearly everyone I know (and a few I don't)  has a crisis or a meltdown of some sort. It's absolutely amazing! It's as if this vibe goes out into the evil dark kingdoms --

She want's to accomplish a simple task....we can't have that.

So, what to do about all of this. Well, a detox is always a good idea, but so is just recognising this as sabotage energy coming in from the outside (yes we carry it inside too) and wreaking havoc with our ability to concentrate on the path we are walking.

It forms part of an overall energetic pattern of discord, disharmony and interference energy that so often invades our lives, time and minds. It can be overcome - patience, persistence and making every effort to gently bring our attention back each time it wanders....

Eyes on the road


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.