April Danann



These Dreams - You Can Eat!


I once heard someone say - 'You can't eat dreams' - so basically why bother to follow the seemingly impossible...yet, that's what life is all about. Finding our passions, then putting them to good use. In the pursuit of living.

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For me, I have long been a dreamer and have always had lots of dreams. Some I have had with me for nearly all my life - tucked away, but growing, taking shape as I myself have come through the many changes of my life.

This year is all about change, come to think about it - so was last year. But, never mind - perhaps that's what we are all doing here anyway. Each year, and many days in between, there are opportunities to grow, overcome and create the lives we wish to be living.

To me, this has always been about following a dream - maybe that dream is an ideal and I have often wondered if the bar was set way too high or I was asking far too much. Yet, the strange thing about these dreams is that they persist.

Lately I have come to two separate conclusions about this life I am living, some of my dreams I have been carrying around and all that I am hoping to be. The first one is that any dream is difficult and requires of us time, energy, endurance and mostly patience.

Secondly, the more impossible the dream - the more time, energy and effort it requires. And that is quite simply the only difference between the two thoughts...something might only seem to be impossible because this is what has been instilled in our minds.

Yet, when we work at it, take things step by step and more importantly, follow through instead of putting things off...then one day we might just wake up - inside of our dreams. Of course, mine are all about food...


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.