April Danann



Energy Fields, Energy Leaks & the Human Body


I get asked lots of questions on my market stall and through emails, texts and messages…..many of those are about my understanding and extensive work with the human energy field. 

The energy field is one of the areas I have been looking into for most of my life in an effort to make sense of exactly what is taking place in and around us (especially those who are walking a spiritual path) and of course to learn how to work with it more effectively. 


You probably know about my book Closing the Energy Leaks© or ‘Windows’ as we like to call it, and how in this book I explore the ways and means our energy fields are functioning or not at this point in time. 

I wrote this book to help myself and others with their own work on their own energy fields - as it is an often mis-understood aspect and function of our lives here.

My biggest discovery so many years ago when I was first studying human energy fields was how we are all oozing energy from pretty much every part, organ, system and function of our body. We have arrived at this crossroad on our journey on this planet in fairly poor energetic condition – for the most part!

To explain this a little more here is an excerpt from my book; Closing the Energy Leaks©;

‘Therefore, leaking energy from the energy field is possible once the energy field has been damaged in some way. Anything that harms the body (poor food & water, medication) mind (trauma) and spirit (bullying) will equally impair function of the energy field. 

An energy leak allows for an energy loss, parts of you actually go out through the open ‘window’ (rip, hole or tear) and become lost, stolen, hurt, and broken. When we start closing these holes, energy leaks or as I call them windows (because this is easy to visualize), the things taken on from others start to dislodge and can be lifted off, and then the parts of ourselves that have been given away, lost or stolen, can be reclaimed. 

What also, starts to happen, is that you begin to re-form your own higher consciousness, as an individual within the larger framework of the universe and disengage from the control of the over-mind.’ 

Do not discount the part your energy field plays in your overall health and well-being – it is a vital part of the whole.


Originally published on April's blog, The Pagan Diet.