April Danann



Food And Our Spiritual Essence


Over these past few years I have given a lot of thought to our Spiritual Connection with food – what went wrong and how to get back to that special place inside of our bodies where eating, drinking, growing, foraging, fasting and anything related to nourishing ourselves - once again becomes a part of our spiritual essence.

One main thing I have discovered is how much my own spirit has been pushed down – pulled apart and broken off over the years, to reach a place where food was just there for ‘eating’ (pushing something down, aside, keeping things in place) and had little other meaning attached to it. 


It has shook me to the core to be able to think of food in a positive way especially in terms of celebration, ceremony and ritual – all coming from a spiritual place. However, working at dropping these old beliefs and building up something new has also taken me on a different journey inwards….

To the soul.

Whenever you think of the word ‘food’ – what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you draw a blank or do you immediately feel a sinking, deep heaviness of ‘bad’ buried in your gut?

I’ve asked this question of so many people and have had very interesting responses – unfortunately far too often of the ‘bad’ nature. Or at least when describing thoughts around eating, many of us use mixed words & emotions bordering on disordered.

How we got here is another story, however, what we can do about it is all positive! One thing is certain, we are on the upswing moving away from critical thinking around eating & enjoying good food. Especially where rituals and ceremony are concerned. 

I think it is about time we started to discover joy in our lives and food, especially when involved in  celebration - food is a fundamental part of that essence. Perhaps eating, food and nourishing ourselves, is the door and 'the way' in.....


Originally published on April's blog, The Pagan Diet.