April Danann



Using Clay to Heal and Seal the Gut


Some thing I use a lot of here and cannot recommend it enough, is clay. Of course there are so many different types and kinds of clay; French Green Clay, Diatomaceous Earth, Bentonite Clays, Fuller's Earth, Red Clay, Kaolin and so forth….but their basic use is often the same. 

Clays pull, encourage movement and remove toxins, wastes & debris from both your internal and external systems. They tighten up the membranes while gently sloughing off the uppermost layers of cells as they move along on the inside and pull toxins out of your skin allowing detox on the outside.


In fact on the inside, they work much the same way as a clay mask on your face would do. Only this 'mask' is a moving flow of minerals being propelled along your digestive tract along with your food.

The one important point that I have discovered and then have been able to confirm, is how some of these clays work over time to heal and seal the gut. Remember how I have mentioned over these past few years my observation in myself and many others that our guts were never set up properly from birth? 

Well, this has to do with the fact that the biofilm and internal covering containing the living matrix of bacteria (mainly) are either too thin on the ground,  are made up of some non-beneficial types of organisms and in general have been not functioning in a health sustaining way.

Thus, we see far too much of childhood eczema, asthma, allergies, tummy troubles and then later on – far worse conditions, all relating back to this most basic necessity of a functioning gut. In fact, our immune systems never kick into high gear when our internal environment is not fully operational as well. 

What needs to happen for many of us is to heal and seal these gaps, spaces and places in our digestive tract that have never fully functioned from infancy. Only then will we see significant progress in our health and healing.

Clay is an amazing natural part of any healing regimen when it comes to the skin - inside and out.


First published in April's blog 'The Pagan Diet'.