April Danann



On A Mission


Today the sun has been shining (sort of) again and the rain has stopped for the moment....it’s a little reminder of the fact that this is a real summer and we have all gotten a boost of vitamin D, so all is well with the world.

It really takes so very little for us to feel good....sometimes it's just a kind word or a small deed. An unexpected gift from the Universe - and we are off and flying high above the clouds - because we simply feel uplifted.


And that is what brings me to today. I have been thinking about this very topic....feeling, being and needing this lift. Just what are we wanting to be lifted up from, why are we mired down in it and what will we do once we are on that promised higher ground?


For most of us this has been a life long struggle.....all was 'good' during those crazy distracted days....but when the crash came, we had to take a look around ourselves and see where we were and hopefully what we had become. 

Now - we are (well some of us anyway) finally in a position to take serious steps out of the muck that held us for so long but we need to know where we are going, how we will get there and why it's important to continue onwards and upwards.

In other words, we need a mission, a purpose and a guiding force.

Just perhaps... the stars, the sun and the moon have aligned and your mission (should you choose to accept) is being delivered as we speak. Are you ready?


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.