April Danann



If You Don't Like Your Mother....Change Her!


These days I haven’t felt the need to do much more then 1 or 2 days of fasting at a time. Actually after my last couple of years of marathon detox/cleanse/fasting and so forth, I feel as if I am finally on the other side of ‘it’.

And I know exactly what it is! It is life. 


For far too long, I struggled with trying to figure out the absolute best diet for myself and my family to help heal and deal with various ‘little’ things. The big stuff like chronic fatigue, cancer, arthritis, infections, IBS, blah, blah….had all been sorted (the body does have a method) and I was left with, well, the fallout.

For the most part we will heal from the top – down, the most glaringly acute issues will be dealt with first, then all the remaining niggly issues such as pockets of inflammation, imbalance, toxic build-up etc. can be cleaned up one system at a time.

After all these years of slowly inching my way along working on maintaining health, I was quite fascinated to discover that fasting not only sped up this process, it started quite another one…..dealing with the underlying cause of the trouble in the first place.

The lining of the digestive tract….the micro-organisms that keep us alive and are supposed to be supporting our lives here on this planet. My mother-culture of organisms was clearly not working for me or with me….

So, I had to change my mother. That’s right…..if you don’t like your mother….you can change her.

Obviously, what was growing in the lining and membranes of my stomach from my early childhood (the bad mother) was not helping or healing me – it was what made me sick and kept me there.

My gut was never set-up properly from birth – but as an adult it was now up to me to figure this out and then take whatever steps were necessary to change it. And that is exactly what I did through the fasting, detox and cleansing. 

Some would say I changed my DNA – and of course, when you alter the bacterial colonies of your gut, this is what takes place. But, far more then that, as a result of my intense period of fasting (with resultant die off of old organisms), the old culture was removed to make way for a new one….

All I can say is that my life (I now have one) is not the same as it was when I started my fasting….it’s not the same today as it was last week! It just keeps getting better – because I now have a mother who is working with me, with every intention of keeping me healthy.

Our guts are not much different then any other bacterial/yeast culture – in a yogurt you will find several beneficial organisms necessary to create the yogurt as well as to keep it going for many generations. Sourdough bread and Apple Cider Vinegar act in much the same way.

When you begin a culture (or several) and then work at maintaining it, keeping it alive, functioning, growing and healthy, these take on the energy, characteristics and vibration of you and your environment. This takes a bit of work too, as does anything worthwhile in life. 

This has been the single most worthwhile, healing and life transforming process I have ever undertaken.

I now refer to my gut lining as my three Mothers….or the Triple Goddess and we couldn’t be more alive! 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.