April Danann



Sitting On A Star....A Place to Reflect 


It’s been a long week for me….I have felt really off the trail in some ways – as if I am ‘out there’ right now – very far away from home. For the most part, I have always been very far away from my roots….but not like this.

This week has been up and down energetically speaking. And I am feeling quite tired as a result of it all. Or perhaps I am tired because I am putting in some long days in the garden….have taken on another market day and have extra projects at home!


Right now I am trying my hand at several new things such as incubating a few eggs to see if we can get them to hatch. As well I am spending more time down in the barn with my animals….

I feel my level best in one of two places on a nice sunny day….in the garden pulling weeds while listening to the sounds of the children around the place. Or, in the field with the animals just watching them. 

There is something so peaceful and grounding about these spaces and sounds around me…and of course they are not separate from each other. In fact the children, the garden and the barn are in relatively the same vicinity (you get one with the other!). 

Yet, I am drawn to this domain whenever I need quiet, reflective space – so I guess that about sums up my past few days. Feeling quite pulled up and out there – in need of grounding.

My journey inward has taken me quite deep into my own cells –

I can sense the vastness of the Universe through me. It’s a bit unsettling (and exciting!) for someone as earthy and grounded as I usually am….however…

I know the ancient mariners navigated by using the stars as their guide….it is time I learned to do the same. 

Hanging on a star,


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.