April Danann



Spiritual Blocks.....It's All in the Energy Field 


Most of us are fairly astute when it comes to how we are feeling….even if we think we are detached and our lives are out of our control – there is always some piece that remains fully intact.

This part of us strives to maintain contact no matter what the situation or circumstances we find ourselves in. This communication is critical and extremely important….it’s the open line that saves our lives – time and again.


Here I am back to thinking about this whole concept of internal communication, it is such a vital component of our lives here on this planet. Yet so many of us find this one of our biggest challenges.

And just what is so important that we need to say it very clearly and what exactly are we saying and to whom? (Now you know what goes on in my head! LOL)

I guess for the most part, there is so much ‘not said’ that sits in the air around us, sort of free floating in our energy field. I should know….as a Medical Intuitive it’s what I do – read these words like a book.

Yet, it isn’t necessary that these messages from inside our bodies, need to be reabsorbed back into the tissues either, they can and do just hang around…however, they do need to be ‘received’ – and this appears to be the communication break down that so many of us have.

Of course when there is a disruption in communication within the internal mechanisms, this can interfere with nearly every function within the body. Not to mention our main spiritual focus right here and now – higher levels of consciousness.

In order to access this sleeping giant of greater awareness and wake it up….we need to be able to at least listen, hear and understand – very clear instructions from our bodies many internal comm ports.

In other words….our nervous system needs to be on speaking terms with our endocrine system which needs to be monitored by our immune and digestive functions….it all works together, feeding back into the whole.

The ultimate goal of our existence here on this planet is to get back to ourselves….to what we once were. To remember why we came, pick up the shattered pieces of our souls and to use this like a key to turn on our conscious selves. 

The good news is; you already know how to listen – perhaps the lines just need to be cleaned….Detox anyone?


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.