April Danann



Fasting - An Adventure in Spirituality 


Today is day 3 of my little fast....I have only been fasting off and on for the past few weeks and felt I needed to dig a little deeper this week. So...here I am, on day 3 already and feeling pretty good so far. Of course the 'worst' is now behind me in terms of the adjustment phase!

And as usual, I am busy wandering around tidying up, sorting out, cleaning and clearing - the usual things to be doing during any cleanse. And it feels great to be back in the swing of things as well...each time I do this I re-gain space...

Herbal Tea tea pot, herbs .jpg

By this I mean - our old diets and lifestyle of processed foods, medication, stressed out working days and all the ways we abused ourselves...pushed us out of important places (aren't they all important!) within our bodies.

Fasting...detox....cleansing -- is all about retaking that spiritual space (mitochondrial DNA). And what an adventure it is!

So, today is day 3 of taking back some of the deepest space I have ever found myself exploring inside of my own body. I am always amazed and thrilled each time I do this...there is so much to discover about myself and what we as human beings are capable of.

Right now - I feel as if I have walked through a new door, this one is not like anything I have ever encountered in this lifetime. But I know it's a place I have always dreamed of....

If you haven't started a fast (cleanse, detox, Master Cleanse) yet....you have no idea what you are missing - it's all there inside, it has always been there and it's all yours.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.