April Danann



A Shower of Blessings - A Universal Hug


It’s been another few days of fairly steady rain – of which I am attempting (and mostly failing ) to be philosophical about. I mean, it’s only rain and clouds and wind and the sun is no longer visible….so...

However, the air is really something else altogether! It’s light and fresh and uplifting. Today we were walking on the beach (soaked to the skin in 3 minutes) just to get a feeling for this ‘out take of breath’ blowing in from some far off place.

Bergamot in garden.jpg

It’s like an elixir. Of life. A blessing....

The earth, no, something bigger and more far-reaching – the Universe – is releasing a new wave of energy I have never felt before; in this lifetime anyway. It’s as if a star has exploded around our solar system and these tiny particles of fairy dust are embedding themselves into our souls.

When I look around me or read what is taking place on the ground it’s often difficult to retain my focus on what is real. Often the darkness can pull at you and suck you into it’s hiding places. 

But when I stand back (further some days than others!) and ‘feel’ instead of look and sense instead of ‘analyse’ – the magic is plain to see. Our lives are being affected in the most positive ways by a huge surge of energetic waves. 

It’s like a giant Universal hug!

So….back to the rain, the wind and the clouds – the silver lining has been falling for days, washing over us like a breath of clean air – reassuring us, the Universe is alive and dancing in the light. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.