April Danann



It's Time to Change Our Minds....Dealing with Fear


These days my mind is focused on change….and what usually comes along with those thoughts is the deep rooted patterns of fear…we see it everywhere. Some of it we even recognize, however – there is far more that is cleverly disguised as something else altogether.

Recently I have heard it mentioned how brave someone is (ie no fear) when they have done something clearly and plainly 'out of fear'. Such as, have a drastic medical procedure….instead of taking exquisite care of their bodies, getting to know themselves better and maybe believing in their own commitment to health.


Of course there is a lot more to that as well…just ask me, I’ve been there. A few times. 

I’ve faced serious illnesses and dealt with it through fear, which didn’t work and then through trust and faith in my body, mind and soul. The proof that this gentle, natural, holistic approach works, is that I’m still here! LOL

So…back to fear. Just what is this emotion we talk so much about, yet seem to find ourselves dancing around…not really ever getting to the bottom of? I think it is based on a healthy instinct (such as the fight or flight mechanism) that has gone out of control….

Or, has this innate, inborn response been hijacked by something (a virus, toxins, caffeine??) where our normal functions are overridden and blown out of proportion. When we are not in control a struggle ensues and there we have it….

More fear is generated because we are struggling with normal body processes which interfere with our mind/thinking/thoughts – and we all know how the overmind can then step in and inflate the least little thing.

It’s as if a tiny ‘normal’ fear/concern/wondering becomes blown out of context into something it clearly is not. Our systems are certainly out of whack and our minds are generating fear when they don’t need to.

So what to do about all of this? Well that’s simple!! It’s time to 'change' our mind LOL…..

You know what I will say to that…change your diet, change your gut, change your body and you change your mind. This takes dedication, time, energy and effort – but to make one significant impact on your life right now, make every effort to clean out your gut.

Get your mind back on track…


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.