April Danann



You Know that You 'Know' - It's Written in Your DNA


I have been taking a mental break for a few days…at least that’s what I think it was! Perhaps I just stood back a little from everything in order to gain a new perspective…either way I have not written down a single word in about 3 days.

That’s my new record! LOL

april-danan-A little-climb.jpg

But, I am back and ready to talk again about this crazy world we all call home. One of the few pleasures in life is to be able to speak freely about the things that really matter to us and which are on our minds. 

Of course the way things are right now and this current environment of fear (has it really ever been different?) has us all clammed up pretty tightly. I honestly don’t think anyone says what they mean or mean what they say. 

And that brings me right back to where I started from….the point of talking, writing and perhaps even being here is to walk, live, act, work and BE – as if we mean it. Part of that would entail speaking up about things that are important to us.

So many wrongs are done around the planet each and every second of the day – we have mostly turned a blind eye to it. Perhaps thinking – sure, what can I do about it? And for the most part we are right…unless…

We pluck up the courage to just say one thing each day, or to act differently just once in a while – deliberately drawing attention to a situation, relationship, area of our lives where we see something clearly, is not right.

If I was to start with anything in my own personal scope of life, I might say --- don’t think for one minute there is anything that you don’t know…about the world, life, the Universe around us, how to look after ourselves in this place.

And what is to come….

All of this, knowledge, information, ancient wisdom resides inside – twisted away within our genetic fingerprint. Our DNA contains infinite and ample directions or guidelines on everything we need to live fully on this planet.

And our survival during adverse, toxic conditions. 

What we need to do is align with nature…after all, the energy of the earth is our own…


Originally published on The Pagan Diet.