April Danann



The Nitty Gritty On Parasites....


Well, right now I am deeply into my parasite cleanse and only just realized that I haven’t talked a whole lot about parasites. It is a very interesting and timely topic, especially these days with bankers, religious leaders and what not living like lords….

Over these many years I have long known I have parasites and have tried unsuccessfully to get rid of them quite a few times. Nothing I have done, including medical, herbal, energetic, food, diet, exercise and so forth has made much of any difference.

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To give you some history, I actually got a tummy ‘bug’ which turned out to be a parasite as an infant and spent 10 days in a hospital where it was ‘cured’. Only to not ever have a healthy gut all my life.

Then in my 20’s I got another nasty bug where I would throw up every 10 days or so (parasitic cycle) – have a slight fever and chills and then feel better. This was never resolved – but I knew it was a parasite.

In my 30’s there was another episode after eating a shellfish meal….for the next few days I just didn’t feel well and had all the signs and symptoms of yet another parasite. 

So, what are the signs and symptoms of these little creatures….well, they might be different with everyone, but mine were fairly common. What was getting to me however, is that they were getting worse.

As my stress levels went up so did the presence of these parasites – even though I eat no sugar, take no drugs (no caffeine, no alcohol, no meds), was vegan for years, exercise daily (blah, blah) – they were still there and firmly in control of some part of my digestive tract.

Some of the symptoms I have experienced with having parasites (and we do all have them) was weight gain (yes!), poor muscle tone, tiredness, skin rashes, numbness of hands & feet, dark circles under my eyes, bloating, digestive upset, IBS like symptoms, candida ….

I could go on! Makes me wonder if all of our issues with gut health might be put down to some parasite or another…

So, on this cleanse, I am doing well – it’s day 15 – we’ll see how this goes and how I feel as each day moves on. I feel like I am traversing new waters – it’s kind of exciting! LOL


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.