April Danann



Parasite Cleanse - Die Off 


Today I am carrying on with my parasite cleanse and am feeling even better then yesterday. Perhaps I am on the upswing from a deep detox cycle – one thing that I am certain of though, is that this is working.

I am actually aware of parasites dying inside my gut – it’s a weird sense of letting go that I know is not mine.

But I also have a bloated tummy (on a fast, this is unusual!) so I know their they are on their last legs.

The thing about parasites however, is that there is always more of them. So, you cannot stop once there is a die off. Because they have several phases or life cycles, the only way to deal with them is to keep going.

And that is where mental, physical, energetic and spiritual stamina comes into play. Any of this work (or work that is worth doing) requires of us a full measure of commitment.

Of course once a person is on board and on track to doing something they are convinced is the right thing – then there should be no stopping them. At least this is correct in theory, and what I am telling myself (fake it until you make it!).

In actual fact, the further along this road we go, the greater the resistance we will encounter. But, that is not to say this resistance wasn’t there all along. For indeed it was, it is and it has exerted it’s unholy force on us all along.

Our job is to recognize it for what it is – deal with it and move through it. And this is the sticking point for so many people. They encounter resistance and because it is so very familiar to them – allow themselves to be convinced it is theirs and stop short of their goals.

So beware – see your plans through to the end – and you will be rewarded with a clean tummy, renewed health and your energy back. What a fantastic goal! 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.