April Danann



Open Lines of Communication


And then we arrive at today - another Monday, (which I love) in which to create our lives from something new and make them far better then they are right now. But, if it seems like you are always striving, forever trying, feeling frustrated and tired of the same old thing...(or maybe it's just me)

Then it's probably because you are, you did and it is.


These feelings of frustration come mostly from pockets in side of us which I would term as regions of toxicity or stagnant energy. Unfortunately there are far too many and this is a common problem with the way we live our lives today.

We don't move enough, many of us are not eating well enough and we are all equally guilty of not listening to our bodies or paying close enough attention to the things that really matter.  When I think of it, life should be and is really simple.

The more body centered we are the easier it becomes to focus on and engage in activities that fulfill our purpose, guide us forward, toward our destiny and also keep us fully grounded in reality. None of this is difficult or hard to do.

It is often as earthy and straightforward as planting a few vegetables or herbs. Then to move forward a bit more, you have to incorporate regular movement and exercise into your day as well as times of fasting and moving meditation.

Being close to and in direct contact with the earth serves one of the greatest purposes as far as I can tell...it puts us in direct alignment with our own routes, methods and modes of communication. We cannot live a meaningful, spiritual and purposeful life (or walking a spiritual path) without open lines of communication.

Opening those doors within, will ensure they are functional on the outside as well.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.