April Danann



It's Called Living.... 


Today is the last of our feast days for February and the Imbolc celebrations...here and gone so fast. Time seems to be moving so swiftly right now it's hard to catch up with it. However, it's all good because things are also shifting and moving along with it.

This week and this cleanse seems to have brought up a load of old negative patterns for me - and I am glad. Because this is precisely the stuff I have been trying to get at for so very long. I think I have been picking away at it - but this time around, a chunk seems to have broken loose and is now moving.


I am right where I need to be. 

That is always a guarantee when you are following your path, listening to your heart and working hard at being present to the things that matter. Of course the more you do this, the more you will find out that very little matters...

In fact, there are only about 1 or 2 things left on the long list of items that were once so very important...for me the first one is my little family and then our health. After that? Well, perhaps it's our garden, animals and how each of those other things on our list can support our family and health.

I have found over the years that as my health improves so does every other aspect of my life. My mind is clearer, my heart is louder, my body is stronger, my relationships with my children are healthy. Good health spills over into every single area of my existence.

It can't help but do that because when I focus on the one area - my body, then I am also working on my mind. Yet, when I carefully feed my mind with positive and healthy thoughts (from wonderful food and water) my spirit comes alive with the reconnection from a living earth.

There is a continuum of life and it all starts with making a simple decision - I want to be here, to be healthy and to know and trust my body. It's called living.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.