April Danann



Natural Beekeeping is Easy


Most people think Beekeeping is a lot of work, this is true for the Commercial Beekeeper but quite a different picture for the Natural beekeeper.

Commercial Beekeeping on a large scale is time consuming for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the scale of the operation requires time to be spent with each hive to monitor and intervene at specific stages of development of each individual hive. Secondly, the techniques followed by Commercial Beekeepers require a high amount of attention due to the intensive nature of the practice. Commercial hives are crowded and cramped damp boxes that are more akin to a sweatshop than a home.


Natural Beekeepers follow a different path, using a technique that is in tune with the bees natural behavior. Providing a hive that is spacious and well ventilated creates a healthy population of bees that require no interference or treatments with toxins. A healthy hive that is undisturbed until it has built up enough comb to have an excess of honey for the winter, which takes one to three years, depending on the weather. The amount of comb/honey that is extracted does not jeopardize the winter stock required by the bees, so that there is no need to feed the bees a poor diet of sugar water. The bees always have their own honey which has the best nutritional value for the bees. Feeding the bees sugar weakens them and make them susceptible to any diseases.

Providing the bees a healthy environment and leaving them to their own devices is not only the best way to a healthy hive, but also the easiest way to make the best honey you will ever taste.

Natural Beekeepers, working smarter, not harder.