April Danann



Finding Out What We are Made Of....


Today is day 4 of my detox and this one is quite different, just as I knew from the outset - but one thing I didn't anticipate was how much better I would feel this time around. So far, I feel far clearer, lighter and as if there are deeper insights coming up.

However I still have some of the usual detox symptoms - but, I do feel like I am on a completely different track here. And it's all good. So, now, it's just to simply settle in for the cleanse, take each day as it comes and see where it all takes me.


Actually doing any detox is quite straight forward - it requires of us only focus and determination. Of course a willing spirit is a bonus - but anything worthwhile is worth working for. Or in this case, fasting for!

I guess this time I am seeing how far I am willing to go to reach my dreams - or how deep I am willing to go inside of myself to see what is there, dig out the toxins and create change. These are one and the same, as it turns out.

Detoxing (either diet change, juice fasting, master cleanse, water fasting or whatever) requires of us commitment and it's not really that difficult. I have discovered over these years of deep clearing, that one things shines through....

You find out what you are made of. 

And you know what? We are each one of us made of star dust, wonderful imprints of humanity, stronger, more creative and resourceful then we could have ever imagined when we started on this journey inwards. 



Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.