April Danann



Gardening with Bees in Mind...


Today was another day that was a bit of a disaster as far as weather is concerned .... wow the amount of rain that came down in the last 24 hours is unreal. But, we cope and hopefully someday will dry out! LOL

It was also a day of mucking around in the garden, the air is warm and it was nice to get out there to see what is starting to burst up through the soil. I love this time of year with it's promises of all that is to come from a healthy growing garden.


Planning the garden is something that many bee keepers take fairly seriously with a few flowers and herbs that bees love I like to plant my herbs because it strengthens them as well as us. But there are many other plants they benefit from too. 

Flowering plants such as sunflowers, lavender and marigold flower either at different times or can be staggered to have something in bloom during the entire summer season. And in early spring any of the crocus, daffodils and snowdrops can be planted to give the bees a little head start.

Fruit trees and shallow pools of clean water are also helpful to have around for the bees.... Just keeping them in mind when planning your garden can go a long way!