April Danann



Herbs to Strengthen and Survive...


Today was not a bee day - however, they are certainly being discussed everywhere I go. With all the talk and attention being paid to the plight of the bees, it should all start to come together for them, one way or another.

One conclusion we have come to in our own journey with our bees - is how they need hardy, native  plants in the local vicinity in order for them to thrive. It's always a great idea to plant anything bee friendly however - so if you are planning your garden this year, keep them in mind as well.


As for me, my passion lies with the herbs and I am thrilled when our bees arrive to sample the many flowers and blooms on the thyme, sage, marigold and various other favourites around the garden. This year I hope to expand it a little bit more to give them an even better foraging range.

Herbs strengthen us - and I am certain they do the same for the bees.