April Danann



Magic, Unicorns & Rainbows....


This may seem like a strange time to be on the planet, and it certainly is challenging us to carefully think about who we are, what we want from our lives and then of course, what we are willing to do to make that happen.

All of this effort is necessary for following a dream and creating a life that matters. Things will often get messy before they get better.


One thing I have been mulling over and over in my mind and trying to not get distracted about, has been all the needless wars, killing of innocent people, harm being done on a daily basis to those whose choices, dreams and hopes are taken away and replaced with fear or worse.

How can I walk my path and pursue my own destiny with all of this darkness in pockets of despair around the planet?

I have given this so much thought over these last few years and always come to the same conclusion. That in the midst of such hardship, each person who seeks a higher road and takes steps to actively make things better in any way for themselves and others is contributing a great deal to the rising consciousness and state of awareness….

Thus, our here and now, becomes more significant than where we have come from and where we are going. The present aligns and integrates within time and space.

Rising in awareness is much more than waking up to the things that are going on around us, it is about breaking free of an imposed image that was never a true reflection of who we really are at our core.

So, how can I not follow my dreams, because to do so helps me to rise above some of the madness, create an opening to allow more light to enter, anchor like a beacon and become a part of this world.

I have long ago come to the conclusion the only reason we exist is to recover our lost dreams – this is indeed a time for lofty ideals, to reach beyond the horizon of bleak belief and discover these other peaceful gentle worlds do indeed exist…..

It does appear as if in the pursuit of our passions, we are designed to rise in conscious awareness; perhaps it is time to shake yourself awake and dust off a dream….then run with it until you catch the wind and fly.

How to follow your dreams in 3 steps;

  1. start believing in the impossible
  2. do one thing you have been putting off
  3. let go on one bad habit and replace it with something healthy

If you started out each day by choosing to do these 3 things, your life has already changed because your consciousness is changed, your physical reality shifts and your destiny becomes more accessible.

There are natural and magical forces on this planet standing ready to assist those who believe….

I Believe