April Danann
Thought Leader in Health Potential



Health, Wealth & the Full Moon….


We are off to a roaring start so far this year – some days you might be struggling to keep up with all the crap flying around the place. And perhaps that’s just the point, don’t even bother to try to keep up with shit storm that the media wants us to focus on.

Find something positive in your life and cling on to it as if your life depends on it. Because, well it does!

Your inner world needs to be nourished by wholesome goodness, nature and fresh thoughts on a daily basis – sometimes just one kind or gentle thing is all it takes to shift your mind into a better and higher place.


Often when we think there isn’t anything much to hold onto – we can simply understand this one thing….the toxins must rise to the surface, before they can be released and the place will always seem like a mess in the middle of a good clean up.

This year, 2018 is a shadow year – more stuff will rise up to release, more mess will be pulled out from behind closed doors and this is all for the greater good.

That means things that usually take place behind the scenes and are often considered just out of sight or out of reach are undergoing change and what is more, they are within our grasp to be worked with.

One of those things usually lying in the shadows, might be money, wealth and concepts of how we support ourselves here on this planet during a time of awakening and renewed consciousness. This will also include some of those old health issues that need sorting out....

What has every opportunity of happening this year is this – an alignment within our conscious awareness of how we create our lives and make money and take care of our health - this is especially important for women.

I am not going to use the words ‘earn a living’ because I have always found that concept to be offensive….why on earth am I required to ‘earn’ my life? Instead, I’ve come to think of providing for myself and my family as creating streams of income and discovering sources of abundance in the universe, that begin with me.

Since we are still quite early in the year and we have another full moon as well as a lunar eclipse on it’s way to us in the coming days…..all focus can be on using our feminine intuition to pay attention to the ways and means we are choosing to support ourselves; physically, emotionally, in the material world and how this affects our well being.

If in any area these are not sufficient, this will be highlighted, with an opportunity to change it.

However, like any other energy shift, we have to prepare and take charge of our dreams, hopes and desires. But, more importantly, we can harness our time, energy and resources to position ourselves properly to work with the forces of nature to heal and uplift and this is where ordinary life meets mystical experience!

To work with this full moon and lunar eclipse….schedule yourself to be in the middle of doing something you love! If you are an artist, get out your paints or a seamstress, find an extra special material, if you write or chef – well, let yourself be inspired. But, also to seek an understanding of how to do what you love to do in the healthiest most beneficial way possible for yourself. 

Three things to do;

  1. plan a full moon event, even if just for yourself
  2. create something that aligns with one of your dreams/wishes/plans
  3. do as much of this in nature or outside as possible

We are not separate from the earth….she knows we are here, in fact she is leading the way during this time of upheaval and great change. It is her plan to rise in consciousness and reach her potential as a force for good in our universe. She has provided for us a healing garden as proof of her intentions of being a part of our journey here.

Find a way to connect, listen and develop a deeper relationship with the planet we live on. Our lives, our consciousness and our dreams – depend on it.

What you are seeking, is already here.