April Danann



Don't Give Up Too Soon


I’ve uncovered yet another theme in my life!! Yay! A pattern of epic proportions, that was definitely learned as I’ve been witnessing it time and again since my earliest memory.

Often when I want to achieve something or have been taking steps to create my next new thing – I can’t always see the results I am hoping for. It sometimes even appears as if I am going in the wrong direction.

And I might give up, back down or walk away.

At least, that was what I tended to do in the past. I would think to myself, it didn’t work out for me, oh well, I’ll try something else completely different. And there is nothing wrong with a new approach, try and keep trying!

However, there is a little more sometimes and a fine line between walking away and starting over needs a little more consideration.

What I have discovered since I’ve taken a different mindset, and in the years of thinking that way, is the times I push on, let the ‘whatever it is’ I am attempting to do play out and run it’s course; I actually do end up where I need to be.

My case in point is very simple.

I have directions to get to a specific location. All I am asked is to follow them precisely and they are quite clear – turn right here, follow along for another 3.5 km, then turn left etc. etc.

In the past what I found myself doing was second guessing where I was. Or worse, following the directions perfectly, then not seeing what I expected to see and turning around thinking I must be on the wrong path.

But I wasn’t and I’m not.

I brought this up today because I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past little while. Our spiritual paths rarely take us where we think we should be or need to go or even how we believe we should get there.

Your path is not a detour, it is a direct route towards your destination, however there are certain people, situations and lessons along the way that you must meet and experience. Otherwise you will be incomplete within yourself.

When the path looks unfamiliar, you feel as if you are lost or worse, going in the wrong direction. Perhaps, this is the best time to persevere and see where that determination takes you?

Don’t give up too soon, just when you feel you are in over your head, things shift and the energy changes, your path opens before you once again. I have found that when things seem as their worst or most frustrating, I am about to learn or regain something vital to my journey.

 Keep going, you will meet your destiny.