April Danann



'Feeling' My Way Forward


This week has been exceptionally busy….however I am getting better and better at being organized so usually things go very well. I guess for me it’s all about adjustment – this part of the spiritual path is quite different from any other and it has taken me a few weeks (months?) to figure out why.

These days my life is coming back together (well, it’s about time!) both in expected and unexpected ways. Of course, over the years I have been very busy dreaming, planning and hoping for this time, but now that it is here……
Well, it’s a little bit disconcerting. 


Or strange.

And I am feeling as if I am still waiting for things to cave in or the bottom to fall out…..or perhaps something even more then that.

Even though I am anticipating something great, that my life is coming back, growing, shifting, changing and taking shape and I am in awe of what is taking place. If anything I am still learning how to walk this new path – on this part of the journey I must deal with all I have carried in my heart……

For so very long I have not really lived or felt anything too deeply (the uncertainty and insecurity covered everything)…..not that I was shut down or anything. My heart was guiding me and leading me, however some of those inner doors to the profound were tightly closed. 

Now, in this new place I have to re-learned (energy re-pattern) how to let those doors open. Let my guard down and relax into this new pace of life changing events I have set for myself. 

My heart was strong enough to guide me this far…..and I know it is strong enough to take me the rest of the way. Now, where did I put that inner map!


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.