April Danann



Life & Consciousness In A Glass of Water......


Today I have been feeling out of sorts….well, perhaps having just spent 3 days back to back doing markets might be one reason. So I am tired after having been on my feet and running around.
But that’s still not enough of a reason to feel out of sorts…..

So I was just sitting here, Closing Energy Leaks(c) and pondering my energy field in order to get to the bottom of why I was feeling like this and what I should do about it…and the first thing my body mentioned was water.


Of course, my mind immediately went to the fact that when I am busy in the markets and doing all that I do each day – I tend to not drink enough water. Usually on my ‘recovery’ (doing markets is full on!! LOL) days I get a chance to catch up on everything including my sleep.

But, the most important healing remedy that enables me to get back to myself faster is that glass of water. A few of them, so far today has done more for me then any thing else I might have been able to come up with.

As far as being and staying grounded, you can’t do that in a dehydrated body. As a matter of fact you also can’t do much of anything – the state of dehydration is fairly far reaching – in fact we are thirsty much of the time, even when we appear to drink plenty.

Of course, what I am referring to here is the state of the water we are taking into our bodies. If it is full of chlorine, fluoride and perhaps a hundred other chemical compounds, we are slowly being poisoned and not replenishing our need for 'life' giving water.

It is not only our bodies that are crying out for water, but our souls as well – water is the conduit for higher consciousness to travel from cell to cell being carried deep within our tissues bringing light and life.

Dead chemical treated water will not bring much of anything worthwhile and will certainly not carry a consciousness I would choose to have as part of my cellular matrix. Only living water (untreated from a ground source) carries the higher frequencies (like sparks of electricity) we crave on this spiritual path. 

And only pure consciousness can bring the light that fills a dark space……


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.