April Danann



A Slow Summer Day and Digestion 


When the sun shines, everything gets better. That about sums up how all of Ireland feels at the moment (at least where the weather is concerned!). It is great to finally get some sun, heat and a real summer.

And we are thankful for it. Now…..on to other things! LOL


This week I am back fasting actually (just a little bit) for a day or two here and there. It is the perfect weather for taking a break from food, because it is warm, sunny and easy to manage without spending time thinking about and preparing meals.

Really, now that I am thinking about it – I remember days gone by when I used to live in southern Ontario – and the heat! It was ungodly hot during some of those summers and guess what?

Digesting food was a little more difficult. It was as if my tummy slowed down or something….I just wanted to sip on water and clear fluids – but eating on those long hot days…..just left me feeling uncomfortable in myself.

Of course, there is always a place for food – but as the weather changes outside of us, it shifts and alters on the inside as well.

On a hot day such as this, we all feel a little sluggish, we may move more slowly (to avoid sweating!) and feel like taking it easy.

Perhaps this is a great message from deep within the inner workings of our digestive systems (yes we are paying attention). These summer days are better suited towards refreshing fluids and little else…..thus making us feel more comfortable in the heat….

After all, digesting a meal generates more heat in an already hot body….it also uses up loads of energy to try moving food through and doesn’t help with our summer waistlines.

So….it’s back to a little fasting for me. And you know what? I feel better (and cooler) already.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.