April Danann



And Now for the Rinse Cycle....


It’s Monday (never a bad day for me!), the start of a new week – and it’s raining outside. This is a big deal right now – because we have had 3 weeks of sunshine (is this a record?) and today I am going through sunshine withdrawal.

Even though we need the rain to water the gardens and the grass….the sunshine was so nice, the top up of vitamin D was even better and now I have been reminded how much I do not like damp cold weather, at all.

april-danann-Marigold-2013 .jpg

So, what’s the moral of this story here? Change ushered in with a shift in the weather or it’s time for a good cleansing or good things come to an end…hmmm….

I think it’s a cycle – and we are finding our new pattern of life (living, clearing, shifting, growing).

The rain is part of this overall new order in the same way we require light, darkness, seasons and space.

Over these past few (how long has it been?) years we have seemingly had no seasons, no warmth, no light and little comfort. When it (the brightness) came back into our lives again, it was as if all was right in the world…it’s difficult to think of what living would be without it.

Now that we have entered the rinse cycle, it’s the time to remind ourselves, the sun and warmth will be back again shortly because well, it’s summer! 

But, I can learn to enjoy a little rain (now and then!!) LOL


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.