April Danann
Thought Leader in Health Potential



This Darkness is Not Absolute - Let There Be Light 


It’s been a great week so far…the weather has been dry again (I am actually watering my garden) with most of the rain clouds passing us by. Of course, when it’s like this outside my mind automatically runs to – will it last?

And then, when I think about it, I realize I have a pattern of thinking like this in so many other areas of my life as well. It’s a ‘it’s nice/good/better right now, but this will change’ sort of negative expectation. 


This theme runs throughout every area of my life (all energetic patterns are like that) and no doubt affects me in a detrimental way. Not only does it take some of the joy out of the present moment, this is fear based thinking at work.

I can see the thread of darkness as it weaves it’s way into my thoughts….Will the work last, will these good feelings stay, will things keep getting better? All the while I am bracing myself for something to change for the worst.

We are so conditioned to expect bad news, negative feelings, heavy energy and have poor experiences. Every single outlet or information source spews out the bad and the ugly, with little good. 

This darkness seems absolute.

That’s why when we see a good news story (practically anywhere) we jump on it, people wade in, just to taste the sweeter waters and to soak up some rays. Any glimmer of light is like a magnet for the souls who are seekers.

If experience has taught me anything along these roads I have been walking…it’s this; it does get better, it will change, there is so much good in the world, there is a light that never goes out…

We have to change our minds - recondition our guts to think from a higher, lighter and clearer level (through diet, exercise, fasting, fresh real food). Only then will our thoughts shift from low expectations (or none) to higher more positive expectations with everything. 

It’s somewhere deep inside of us, like a pilot light and perhaps the world is finally ready for some brighter sparks to ignite that fire. All we have to do is believe. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.