April Danann



Conscious Living - Getting My Inspiration Back


Day two of my water fast and moving right along here…salt water flush this morning –  but everyone is grumpy today. Usually it takes the first two or three days to adjust into detox mode, and I think that is what we are all doing.

Shifting into detox mode is always the toughest part of any cleanse, it’s as if our bodies need to gear down in some way. That is one aspect of it, then there is our mind, the biggest part of anything we do involves the mind.


Once our mind is on board with something (could be anything from a detox to an essay) then that’s the most difficult part, done. Right now I am feeling so much of a 'pull' back into some dark place inside of my mind and I know exactly what it is.

It feels like old medication – one connection I never made until I was older was how much any form of chemical substance affects our minds. I don’t know about you, but no one ever mentioned this to me when I was a child being given antibiotics. 

Did they even know or want to know? Perhaps not…..

However, it is certainly very real and worrisome. Mostly because it is not as acknowledged as it should be - by those pushing these drugs in the first place. These chemical medicines, which are taken all over the world every second of every day by people of all ages – affect our minds in a negative way.

For me I have seen myself and others lose interest in interacting or socializing. I have also known people to lose interest in things they previously loved as well as to start thinking negative or dark thoughts about their daily lives.

All of this can happen (and more) after an encounter with antibiotics. The words I would use to describe how a person might react to having the best bacteria in their guts (and on their skin) die off would be – to feel uninspired. 

These days we are working away here on growing back a healthy population of gut bacteria (doubtful we ever had one to begin with) as well as our inspiration, while we detox more and more of any toxic residue left in our bodies from these early years and use of medication.

I can certainly say that in my own personal experience – the after effects of taking medications have been life-long. Until I physically cleansed, detoxed and cleared body tissues, then started methodically re-building my digestive tract – life had not come back. 

This is a process and is very much part of walking the spiritual path we are on. You cannot ‘wake up’ and ‘live’ in higher levels of consciousness with parts of you dead or dying. And this means all of you – gut, tissues, organs,  cells, DNA, bacteria and anything in between. 

Life and consciousness doesn’t work that way.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.