April Danann



A Time Change or An Enforced Energy Shift....


Today is a fasting day – that’s a day to do some catching up on cleaning inside and outside. And so far it is going well. I was ready to get back into some day on/day off fasting after my 30 day parasite cleanse…which was tough enough!

The sun is also shining again for the second day in a row…this must be a record at the moment, but there is not a rain cloud in sight. I don’t even want to say it too loud, I might jinx it or something weird like that.


Either way, there is actual heat in the sun as well. It felt so nice to sit in a sheltered area yesterday and just soak up some rays after doing some gardening. It is not warm enough to go without a coat yet but hopefully that day is coming soon.

I remember as a child actually having the sense that summer would never come – the time and days (winter) seemed such a long time. Well, as an adult, time has always appeared to pass quite quickly…

Except this year. Right now – summer never seems as it is will arrive. The cold weather feels like it is here to stay and time is not dragging on, but it sure feels as if it’s dimensions have changed somewhat. I am just so much more aware of the time....

Perhaps time, as we know it, has changed – I mean the time went forward over the weekend. But what might that do to us on the inside? It’s a strange concept after all – if time goes forward outside, well then, it must also do this inside.

And what affect would that have on our internal body clocks? Are we banking the daylight or is someone else taking advantage of the extra light on our systems? Does this have a positive overall influence on our energy?

And what exactly does this mean for us….Hmmm. Time is such an interesting energy force on it’s own, when we alter or manipulate it, our energetic selves are also being changed. 

Sort of like an enforced energy shift….I’m not so sure I like the sound of that! LOL And all of this deep thought from an ordinary fasting day. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.