April Danann
Thought Leader in Health Potential



Gut Health, Fasting and Physical Strength 


Thankfully the sun is shining – otherwise rain would have added a strange dimension to the energy of this day. It has been an eye opener to say the least…after several dreams last night I was happy to wake up this morning.

I am sure we all have those nights where we sleep so deeply – but not in a restful way. Yet, I felt as if I was somewhere else and needed to come back from that place. Perhaps it was a part of me that has been away for quite some time, it certainly feels like it.


We are just coming back this week into increasing our exercise as well as talking about our next adventures in fasting. I think I will do some day on, day off – with weight training in between for the next little while to build myself up again.

Right now my focus in on building up my gut – I can sense a lot of changes taking place over these last couple of weeks and I really want to keep that going as well as perhaps enhance it in some way.

It’s as if as a result of each of these intense fasts, cleanses and detoxes I have done over the last couple of years have cleared out my gut enough to bring back life to the places and spaces where previously there wasn’t any.

No wonder I actually feel different – inside as well as outside – things are just different for me. My task now is to get used to this new way of being as well as to learn how to nurture myself in a new way. It’s a different sort of thinking really – to grow, cook, eat and prepare our food in such a way that will protect and enhance the delicate ecosystem inside.

But, the link here is how gut health, physical strength and cleansing are all inter-related. When your focus is on one, and you see it through, then you can focus on the others -- building up one area will enhance and affect the others as well. 

In lots of ways I have been doing this all along – no sugar, no medication, no caffeine, no Nightshades, no plastic etc. for many years should have helped. But, it was the actual clearing out of old debris that finally brought things back.

It just goes to show you – you can’t grow much of anything worthwhile on a rubbish heap, you do have to clear it out first. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.