April Danann



On My Way - the Doorway


Off to an early start today – after great dreams last night about the garden, herbs and making foods etc. with the garden harvest. It’s always nice to wake up feeling as if you have travelled somewhere important during the night hours…

Or am I the only one who feels that way? LOL

Actually I often have the sense of being very far away at night (and something throughout the day too!) but sometimes it just feels significant or as if there is a very deep purpose to be understood here within the context of my life.

So…I am back on planet earth this morning having ventured into the world of herbs during the night – visiting and exploring these wonderful dimensions and all things Faerie – it always feels like home.

Even though the rain pounded the roots and windows, seemingly all night long – the day is quite still and calm at the moment. And the rain has stopped even though the air is misty and wet.
It’s a real soft Irish morning here in West Cork….you can almost hear the grass grow. Perhaps a day that dreams are made of – one thing I do know for certain, my night dreams (dimension 20) are far more about my life then my waking day.

If that makes any sense, (it does to me) and I have long felt that I am in search of a door to walk through – an energetic portal – in order to shift back into my life, switching dimensions from night into day.

For some reason I even think I know when this reversal happened – and it is medication related….years ago when I was a child and given copious amounts of antibiotics for the strep throats, chest coughs and colds, I always seemed to have.

These antibiotics do far more damage then just knock the life out of us – they rob us of the life we are born to live. Bringing the gut back, repopulating our guts (I have my own methods as a Clinical Nutritionist that really work!) is the only way forward into light and life.

Have a healthy day,


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.