April Danann



A Table in the Sun


There are days when you learn something profound about yourself and the universe and then days when it seems as if life has passed you by. Today was a day of great insight and shifting for me – I spent most of it fasting….

Whenever I need to get to the bottom of some issue or another I usually do a few things to get the energy moving around it. One of the easiest for me is to fast, I exercise daily and that helps too as well as getting out into nature.

Today I was mulling a few things over in my mind about the earth and how she is responding (or we are responding to her energy shifts). I have been thinking about this spring season - all of the life around us and how these plants just know what to do as soon as the weather changes.

No one has to tell the plants to grow or the birds to fly home or for the creatures to build nests. They just know – as the earth warms with the heat of the sun all of life revives, finding a place for itself.

We are no different – spring should be awakening in us those same urges to nest, to go home, to put down roots and grow. What is also can bring into our conscious awareness is that we are not forgotten about when it comes to natures’ plan.

The birds go out and find their food – seeds, plants and nibbles there to nourish them. Plants have minerals, water and the richness of the soil to count on for their fuel – taking what they need and giving so much back.

Why should we be any different? Perhaps we have forgotten so much of ourselves in our rush to be civilized….our food – the things we require to detox, clear out and rebuild bodies after a long winter are equally available. 

We only have to pull up a chair at nature’s table. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.