April Danann



Following a Wish - Is Taking Action


Today I have loads of energy - it's as if another detox cycle has completed and I am once again on the upswing. I feel pretty good too - considering I am doing an intensive water fast for clearing parasites from my gut!

And my dreams....well, they are just getting more and more interesting as each day goes by. Or night. I am also sleeping quite deeply at times (as deeply as you can with 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 children - some of whom get me up at night). 


One thing we are both commenting on is how we never thought it would be this easy - now I am not saying that any of this work is without effort. And perhaps I am comparing all my other cleanses over the years to this one as well.

But, I did prepare myself for the absolute worst case scenario, to be feeling completely rotten and I have only had glimpses of that so far. Maybe those days are still to come - however, right now, I am keeping myself busy and focused on feeling as well as I do.

As far as other normal detox symptoms go - I don't have the usual ones. But, perhaps because this is not a usual detox - it's a cleanse. So, not much in the way of aches and pains, my tongue is coated, but just barely, my skin is clear and all else is working normally.

I sound like a new puppy! LOL

One thing that is changing (once again) is my ability to focus. It has come back sharp and....the only word I could use here is refined. I feel like taking action - on everything. And that is perhaps right where I should be.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.