April Danann



All Roads Lead to Now


Right now I can feel that I am deep in the middle of a detox cycle - and things have been rising up to the surface fast and furious for me. My strategy of course, is to keep extra busy and deal with each feeling, sense, ache or whatever, as it arrives.

Which is the only thing you can really do when in the middle of a deep detox. I still don't have an abundance of physical symptoms - instead I think most of them are energetic - which is a new one for me and quite different.


In fact this entire cleanse has been different from the beginning - only today I woke up this morning and thought to myself that I had finally settled into it! LOL So, things are moving, shaking and working their way up to the surface.

One thing that is worth mentioning as well is how many dreams I am having - during any detox I often have nights where I seemingly dream all night long. And this time is no exception. But, during this past week, I have had such vivid dreams and I haven't had anything like this in a long time.

I only hope they continue! One other thing about these dreams is how much they are telling me as if it's a running commentary on where I am right now, the stage of the cleanse and where I am going with all of this.

One night I even had a dream of me telling a group of friends that I would see them when the cleanse was over and that I was doing so well. My body is certainly focused on the NOW - in perhaps the way only our bodies can.

Reminds me constantly to keep my attention on what I am doing, what I am hoping to achieve and that all roads lead to now.