April Danann



Back to the Future...


This is another day of strange weather – or perhaps it’s not strange at all, just all part of these changes we are currently undergoing. We are slowly coming back to ourselves in spite of it all however and have been busy making a few adjustments…

Right now it seems as if my gut is rebuilding from the inside – working it’s way out. Not one thing feels or appears to be the same to me. I don’t even feel or look like myself yet and perhaps I won’t ever again.


Not that this is a bad thing – it just seems as if I am looking at the world through different eyes or perhaps it’s with a new perspective that only comes after doing such a deep cleanse. It is quite new and almost fresh in it's approach...

Another thing is that I keep dreaming of dates from the past – making me think (and realize) that at least part of me is still stuck in some parallel universe or reality – yet to catch up with my current pace of life. Of course, the way dates, times and therefore reality has been shifted around over these past few centuries, it's no wonder our bodies take awhile to catch up.

I am really aware of this today more then ever before – at least for quite sometime anyway. But, we all have regions of our beings (or brains) where we feel some level of having been enclosed in another place – then when this gets pushed up to the forefront, it’s great to get a bit of clearing and clarity.

Of course this (being stuck in the past) also carries with it some level of deeply held issues from the past times where we lived and throughout the paths our lives have taken. For me, at the moment it simply seems as if I just need to become unstuck from whatever it is that holds me.

Just by examining it and picking up on some of these threads – they will start to unravel and that is exactly what I want….


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.