April Danann



Towards the Light 


There is always a light at the end of the tunnel - of course it leads to the outside. Assuming we have started out on the inside - this is the natural direction we should all be going in. Yet, somehow, some times all we find is more darkness.

Those days when we emerge from our tunnel only to find more of the same darkness (in the form of a mood, a fear or situation), perhaps it's because it is still night. But there are also times when we simply can't see the light that is there - kind of like the dawn that is coming....but not quite bright enough yet.

How can this be? One thing I have discovered about walking this spiritual journey is that often the light needs to be turned on by us, for us and in us. Yes, the dawn is coming, the day is turning towards the sun and the night is fading behind us.

Yet, there are days of bright sunshine when some of us still sit in darkness. It is then up to us to find light where ever we look - to seek out light, sun, brightness and higher vibrations. The light we are seeking is out there, in here and all around.....and it is also seeking us.

We just have to open our eyes, refocus and keep moving forward in faith.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.