April Danann



I'm Glad I Didn't Listen…..


Now, don’t get me wrong – there are indeed times I listen to others and carefully evaluate their opinions – people have various experience that I do not yet have and it is really appreciated when some advice is carefully given.

However, there are times (my family would say, all the time!) when I march to my own beat, listen to my own inner voice and don’t give a hoot about what anyone else has to say about it.


In so many instances I am so glad I didn’t listen to others and my life, my current state of happiness is living proof, that listening to myself and my own inner guidance system is what matters most. 

There. I said it. Did you hear that? 

It’s kind of like the computer prompt when writing in Word – it wants to change the word you are trying to write to something else….how the hell does it know what you need to say? And why on earth would you let it, or anyone for that matter, override your self-expression?

So, what has brought on all of this? 

Well, this week is my anniversary (this year is 25 years together) and my constant reminder of the single most important reason in my life where I am glad I didn’t listen to absolutely anyone…..because if I had, well, we wouldn’t be together.

And, I wouldn’t be walking this spiritual path with my family. My life would have been very different and in all likelihood, I would not have made it through illnesses at all. I, we, have come through so very much and it is because we are together. 

It’s a great start to the week….and I’m. Not. Listening. (smile)


Originally published on The Pagan Diet.