April Danann



A Wink From the Universe.....


It’s been a different sort of start to the week….almost as if it hasn’t yet begun but, it’s as if things have just speeded up in some way, because the energy has changed. I can feel the Universe today and it seems she is listening, hearing and watching us!

For the first time in a long time I can sense a clearing in the atmosphere around this planet we are living in perhaps the earth has detoxed enough herself right now, and things are changing once again.


The most significant change is that levels of communication between the planets and perhaps the other Universes (Universi?) has improved and is now much clearer. This will be a benefit to us all…..

In ways we can only imagine at the moment! However, I do think improvements in outer and other worldly communications are very relevant as they reflect inner changes for those of us living here on this planet.

One of our greatest downfalls as human beings within our relationships (family, partners, business, friends etc.) is often related to a failure to communicate our needs, wishes, feelings and expectations. We often just keep things bottled up with nowhere to go…..

Then, like any other form of trapped energy, they form an internal energy block within our systems leaving us with something to say and being unable to express it clearly, accurately and sometimes to even recognize these feeling or thoughts as our own.

So, this week seems hugely significant to me….things that haven’t been said or talked about are about to come up to the surface – hopefully in a gentle way for the most part. But, also, internally, switches have been flipped and impulses sent out along our nervous systems.

Now we wait for the return of that energy, with a long anticipated ‘hello’ from afar….. it is nice to be back in the loop!


Originally published on The Pagan Diet.