April Danann



Clearing Energy Attachments....Sea Salt & Water 


So, this is my 7th week (I think!) working away at this – sea salt scrubs one day and brown sugar scrubs a couple of days later – to clear these energetic attachments that have been around in my life (running or ruining it!) for far too long.

I have done nearly everything over the years to remove energetic attachments from inside of my body and have discussed most of my efforts (fasting is always successful) here on my blogs. But, this phase of my journey has me working away at removing the outer level of toxins from the biggest detox organ we have – our skin.


Human skin is interesting in the way it is our body 'image' presented to the world – sort of the entire face of us. But also, it is our protective layer, a covering, part of our defences (read immune function) and most importantly a living ecosystem in it’s own right. 

Or at least it should be. Because, for most of us, that simply isn’t the case. 

This most important aspect of the skin which makes it ‘easy’ for spirits, orbs, energy releases such as dark entities and heavy energy to anchor onto us, is the fact that we generally believe our skin to be ‘clean’ once we take a shower and slather on some creams, lotions or potions…..

Of course this couldn’t be further from the truth. Taking a shower or a bath in toxic water will not make you clean, nor will it do anything to remove negative energies by breaking attachment sites. This can only be done with clean water (non treated) sea salt and sugar scrubs – literally removing these outer layers of skin each time…..

The key is to disrupt their (non beneficial organisms or energy attachments) communication base – which is especially important in the case of candida, viruses and their associated friends. You can do this on the inside of your body through fasting (again and again to re-set your gut and re-build the natural organisms).
Then on the outside of your body using the same methods….sea salt and something sweet to remove, disrupt and then re-grow the good guys. See….it’s all so simple!



Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.