April Danann



A Cold Rainy Day in West Cork...


While it's not exactly feeling like spring anymore, but.... we know it's really on the way because there are signs of it everywhere. The daffodils in the shops, the crocus are coming through the soil and the days are at long last a little longer.


These signs of spring bring up some interesting points for us as humans - some of us pay attention while others go along their way without a side ways glance at what might be taking place around them. When we compare our own distractions to that of animals, critters and creatures of the earth - they seem to not have lost this important link to nature.

Indeed, they could not survive without it. And perhaps, that should be a lesson here for us on this rainy day...we are no different. 

Our life, well-being and health depends entirely on the ability of natural elements to provide for us. Making a little space in our minds to take this on board might be a great place to start for a shift in the art of appreciation.