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I Am She Who Creates

Natural Rebel, April Danann runs numerous educational workshops including Naturopathic Nutrition, Energy Medicine, Natural Bee Keeping, Medical Intuition, I Am She Who Creates and the always in demand, Wild Fermentation.  Find out more about April Danann's workshop series.


I Am She Who Creates

There is so much to be said for the times we are waking up in; the least of which is all the change that must take place in order for the human race to rise enough to take up their missions and purposes on this wonderful planet.  The greatest of times call on the most ordinary people to take on tremendous paths and anchor specific energy in certain locations throughout the earth – vibrations and awareness that envelop and shape all of us as we walk through these first steps out of the darkness and into the light.


Women are being called to resume their posts and to open up their hearts, dust off their dreams and put them into action. All over the world women are waking up, looking around them and wanting to create something better.

For everyone.

So, if you are just starting out or if you have been marching to the music in your own soul for many years, or even if you feel completely lost and disconnected and longing to discover who you really are; your mission is waiting for you to claim it.  If you are really ready to take a leap of faith, to not let anyone stand in your way and to only trust in the inner guiding voice that connects you to all of life and creation, you will be Universally supported in finding your mission and developing your purpose. 

Finding, following and then creating a better life is not for everyone; it takes a little bit of a rebel to go against the tide and do what must be done and to not back down. Being female is the greatest asset you can have, your inner compass has already activated and it’s leading you towards your mission. 

Are you ready to rise?

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