April Danann
Thought Leader in Health Potential

Healing With Herbs

Natural Rebel, April Danann runs numerous educational workshops including Naturopathic Nutrition, Energy Medicine, Natural Bee Keeping, Medical Intuition, I Am She Who Creates and the always in demand, Wild Fermentation.  Find out more about April Danann's workshop series.


Healing With Herbs Workshop

We all need to know more about herbs!  Beginning in the Herb Garden and along local hedgerows.

Learn to make a herbal tonic, discover the benefits of fresh herb tea & how easy they are to use every day.


You can discover more ways to use these gentle living foods in every part of your life, by drinking them, eating them, cooking them, growing them, rinsing your hair with them, taking them for coughs, colds, aches, tonics and overall balance. 
We need to be foraging and seeking them in the hedgerows and fields, creating space for them in our gardens and on the windowsills  β€“ herbs for everything that is right or wrong with us and for everyone in the family - including our pets. 
If you want to know more (and you should!) come along to a Healing With Herbs workshop with April Danann to talk, taste, wander and wonder your way through some of the best herbs to use in everyday life, for every day stuff.  It will be another fun and informative session of listening, learning, using intuition and being at one with your true nature. We will be making a herbal tonic, fresh herbal tea, ointments, syrups and herbal concoctions  and discovering more about the deep cellular healing properties of nature's garden.

Email April to find our more about her Healing With Herbs workshop.