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Basic Medical Intuitive Reading

Basic Medical Intuitive Reading


A Basic Reading lasts about a half hour and provides an introduction to what Medical Intuition is all about.  Prior to the session April will do a basic intuitive reading and then discuss her findings with you.  You can then decide where you'd like to go from there!   A remedy is included that is tailored to your specific needs

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There are three levels of Medical Intuitive Readings to consider:  A full Medical Intuitive Reading takes an hour and fifteen minutes and considers all aspects of wellness; the physical, emotional and spiritual.  Medical Intuition is the art of knowing and using information from the physical body as a tool to gather insightful wisdom, facts and information, that will assist in shifting, changing, healing or furthering you on your journey. April Danann has been working in this capacity for over 25 years and combines it with her expertise in Nutrition, Naturopathic Principles and Energy Therapy, to bring greater depth to each consultation.

A professional Medical Intuitive Reading is a highly specialised area requiring skill and extensive training. It is life changing for the person having the reading, on nearly every level. 

You do not have to be 'sick' or unwell to avail of Medical Intuition and this is not a therapy or a treatment. An intuitive reading is an opportunity to listen to your body and gain insight (biological information) into how to move forward in your life. This can be through healing some physical condition, removing energy blocks and resistance, getting started on a spiritual quest, uncovering deep emotional patterns operating in your life - or all of the above, linked together in some way.  It can be beneficial once or twice a year depending on what you have happening in your life.

Intermediate and Basic Reading are also available, which are shorter sessions and therefore not as detailed as a Full Reading.  

This work is done by an appointment in April Danann's clinic near Skibbereen or alternatively over the telephone, by Skype, by FaceTime or Video Chat as a booked appointment.