April Danann

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Annual Full Medical Intuitive Reading

Annual Full Medical Intuitive Reading


An Annual Full Medical Intuitive Reading is an in depth one-on-one consultation on minding your energy and health, considering all aspects of wellness; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  If you take your wellbeing seriously and only have one reading in a year, this is the one to choose; April combines her knowledge in Nutrition, Naturopathic Principles and Energy Therapy to bring greater detail to your consultation, for which you need to allow at least two and a half hours.  Medical Intuition is the art of knowing and using information from the physical body as a tool to gather insightful wisdom, facts and information, that will assist in shifting, changing, healing or furthering you on your journey. April will also supply you with any of her remedies and books which she feels will enhance your Medical Intuition Reading experience.

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