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Family Herbalist


Family Herbalist

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As a Naturopathic Nutritionist, April Danann teaches that plants are our medicine and have been used for centuries to keep us healthy.  Healing herbs can be found all around us in our everyday lives, in our kitchen cupboards and gardens.  The art and science of using herbs as medicine has stood the test of time and continues today.  Consulting with a Family Herbalist is essential for anyone who wants to take charge of the health of themselves and their family and become more informed.

naturally Fermented Foods and Wellness

April Danann believes that what we put into our bodies determines our wellness.  She is an advocate of the huge health benefits of incorporating naturally fermented foods and especially apple cider vinegar, into our daily diet.  Watch April Danann's video to learn more.

April Danann produces a select amount of naturally fermented apple cider vinegar made with spring fed well water, Irish apples, an apple cider vinegar mother she captured outside in her herb garden in West Cork, with old whisky barrels and time.

Everyone should take apple cider vinegar.

This ancient remedy has come down the millennia with all sorts of lore attributed to it; from helping ease aches and pains, to a scalp soothing hair rinse, sorting out digestive complaints and clearing skin of rashes and acne.

It is one of nature’s amazing miracles of life in a bottle.

photo credit; Sarah Woods at  ilovecooking.ie

photo credit; Sarah Woods at ilovecooking.ie

A selection of April Danann's West Cork Natural Rebel Remedy AC Vinegars include Hawthorne, Rose Hip & Rose Leaf,  Activator AC Vinegar with Black Walnut,  Seaweed & Raspberry leaf,  Hope & Healing AC Vinegar with Gorse, Rose Hip & Rose and Cough & Cold AC Vinegar with Lemon Balm.  Available from the Natural Rebel Market Stall.