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April Danann Guests on Vidal Speaks Podcast with Deborah Vidal

Listen to April Danann talk about her life as a Medical Intuitive on the podcast Vidal Speaks Episode 92, hosted by Deborah Vidal and also available on iTunes.  Vidal Speaks is a weekly podcast that discusses using natural methods that deal with the whole body  to heal on the deepest level.  It's a riveting conversation and you're guarenteed to learn a lot more about April, her background and how the different strands of her life and business all stem from the same experiences and beliefs.  

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Nature Cure

We are now deep into the season to gather and forage your flowers, leaves and greens! The Elderflowers are in bloom, it’s not too late for some wild garlic pesto and even a few nettles for your soup can still be had.

If you are like me, you may find yourself craving these foods for the well being of your mind and body. I have come to believe we require a wild element to our diets, just as much as protein or water.

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Gut Health, Parasites & Nutrition


We all have them, and for the most part we don’t talk about them. However there are an important aspect of our microbiome and we should be aware of what they are doing in our digestive tract and gut tissues.

For the most part, a parasite often found in small numbers, is kept in check by our immune system and the surrounding gut flora. They get enough to eat and they usually don’t seem to bother us too much. 

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Healthy Eating Patterns

So, here we are in the post New Year haze of too much eating and drinking considering the coming year ahead of us, personally I like to think of these feast times as necessary – our gut bacteria must have a ball!
Thankfully there are seasons to eat, drink and make merry, and there are spaces in between to eat normally just as there are times it is best to fast and let our digestive systems empty out, rest and repair.

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Post Viral Syndrome & Probiotics

Just wanted to catch you up on our fasting - we are still working away here - terrific insights every day - for the most part we are fasting for 3 to 5 days, then taking 2 or 3 days for food, increased exercise and all else!

Not sure what day we are on now (it all started on 30 April)….we took another 2 eating days over the bank holiday weekend and are now right back at the fasting again. 

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Raise Your Spiritual Vibration - Health & Healing 

I mentioned on one of my other blogs how I recently came across an article written by someone who was supposedly in the know about all things frequency and cellular vibration. I was curious and read the article over looking for something I might have missed in my own life....

This person gave some advice on how to get started on raising your vibration upwards into a spiritual sphere. At least that is what I assume it meant, because this aspect of higher consciousness wasn’t particularly discussed in any detail.

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Strengthening Your Energy Field – From the Inside

Everything that takes place in and around your body (and life) is recorded, pre-determined and part of some larger overall pattern. This is not said lightly either, because a lot is taking place constantly that most people are not even aware of. 

Your body generates an electromagnetic field in and around each and every cell in your body. It does this from the inner workings of your cells and metabolic processes which act like miniature batteries. This joins together to form a larger force field with central points as well as energy centres around the body.

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Come On - Be a Rebel!! Eat Your Veggies... 

As you might have already guessed, while I am a Clinical Nutritionist with many years of experience in the food industry as well as seeing clients, teaching and living this way - I do not subscribe to the current way of thinking when it comes to food. 

I have found through trial and error, sickness and health, that the way we are being told and taught to eat even as nutritionists, is fundamentally flawed. And as you have already read, I have tried nearly everything in an attempt to be at a reasonable weight, re-gain health, heal inflammation and so forth. 

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Writing from Home - You don't have to be an Unhealthy Author

There are a lot of us writing or working from home – a job which requires far too much sitting around, leaving us in a bit of a tight spot when it comes to staying healthy. Sitting for long periods of time is not the best way to work, however, fortunately for us we can find ways to stay active.

Actually I love to exercise, but it’s not always easy when I am busy homeschooling, writing, looking after animals and maintaining a house and garden. I thought the best way to start this was to let you in on what I do and how I’ve organized my day.

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